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Intake/readmission consists of each resident meeting with the Intake coordinator, house manager and/or owner to go over rules and regulations and what is expected of residents while residing at AGT. We try and find what is right for the individual, and to provide information on meetings and aftercare in the area. 
Mental Health Assessment 

Immediate referrals are made for all consumers for MH/ D&A Assessment upon intake. We are partnered with a non-profit outpatient program and it cost nothing to residents

Outpatient Referrals

All Good Things has partnered with several outpatient providers over the years to augment on site services. Participants choose their own providers, although we help them make the wisest selection to best meet their needs.

Personal Identification 
We help participants in obtaining current identification for purposes of treatment and access to necessary services.
Department of Public Welfare Advocacy

We encourage residents to get to the local welfare office and provide them with letters of residency so they can get both medical and food stamp benefits

Judicial Advocacy

We offer residency verification letters and or progress reports to appropriate agencies/courts as needed. In certain cases, owner may appear to advocate for participants in such proceedings.

In House meetings

We have weekly house meetings to bring up how one is progressing in there recovery and very simply how life is going for them. Its also used to bring up any issues in the house and ways to maintain a positive environment.

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