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Our Founding 

All Good Things Recovery is dedicated to the loving memory of Kimberly Jean Finnegan

talked about devoting our lives to help others who were just like us. There was that passion and that dream we had both shared and that was to start a recovery house. Kim had unfortunately passed before we had opened our first recovery home.

As I was grieving and trying to get through the passing of Kim, All Good Things Recovery started falling to the way-side and I just didn’t know what I was going to do. I was fighting my own battle with mental health, fighting through the thought of relapse and ultimately giving up on life. It was at that point in my life what was to be our “first client “and a friend was due to get out of a treatment facility and needed a place to stay. Kim and I had spoken about this prior to him being successfully discharged to let him into our 1 bedroom apartment. I decided to allow him to stay. He had not a penny to his name and was nervous about his situation and what he was going to do. I freely offered whatever I had, I took him food shopping, buying a cart full of his favorite foods, stocked him up with toiletries and cigarettes and gave him a rundown of what I expected from him. “Stay clean, go to meetings, get a sponsor, home group and develop a support network”.

I gave him time to get a job and let him know staying employed was important and mandatory. I had also explained to him as long as he stayed clean he could stay living there. Shortly after, another individual came from the facility and after seeing what I had done for my friend he asked for the the same opportunity. Not longer after him another individual and friend was due to be discharged and it was looking like he’d be staying on the floor in my bedroom if I allowed him in. I had a guy on a couch and one in a recliner already. A third one on my floor  didn’t seem feasible, so I got a house!  I used the same generosity and laid down the same rules and the same routine as I did before, just with more people. I began to see the need for more recovery beds so I got another house, then another and another. The dream had come true and All Good Things Recovery was operating and people knew what was available to them.

Since 2013, I’ve had many recovery homes and helped many individuals in many ways. For example:  Gaining custody of their children, getting their driving privileges restored, criminal records expunged, becoming employable, fixing their credit scores, getting through their probation, renting their very own apartments and homes and getting their families back in their lives.


Through structure, routines, rules and long periods of abstinence from drugs and alcohol many have gotten clean and stayed clean.  It surely helps to hear that it had made an impact on one’s life and I owe it all to Kim! It's what she would have wanted. I had succeeded in what Kim and I had set out to do and has driven me to help save and repair as many lives as I can before I leave this earth myself.

- Robert Coleman

In Loving Memory of

Kimberly Jean Finnegan

April 29, 1978 – June 5, 2013

Kimberly Finnegan was my fiancé, my best friend and was one of the absolute greatest people that had walked into my life.  On June 5th 2013 a building being demolished collapsed onto a Center City Philadelphia thrift store, killing six and injuring 13 others. Kim was one of the 6 whose life was taken that day. It was her first day on the job. 12 days prior to the day she was taken from me I had asked her to marry me and she said yes. We had plans in the making on how things were going to go for us both. Along with wedding planning, we were in early stages of creating All Good Things Recovery. We had

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